Vegas Baby

“I love Vegas, maybe because I’m still young, and because I don’t have to drive there. I like to walk on the strip and check out the babes, I like to hit up the clubs and bars with friends, play some blackjack, stop at a buffet, go till the sun comes up to take a nap, then hit the pools when I wake up. And when the sun goes down I start all over again.

Keep in mind all of this is done with a drink (or two) in hand.”

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“Say Goodbye to the Big Bad Wolf” a documentary

“Come along for the ride as Rob Warren takes on the Big Bad Wolf roller coaster for the first time just days before the ride closes. Since 1984, the Big Bad Wolf thrilled and terrified over 29 million riders. Although the ride is no longer in existence, I hope this documentary gives you a glimpse of what the ride was and how it became a part of many people’s lives.”

“Say Goodbye to the Big Bad Wolf” on Vimeo

I know this is a sore subject for many roller coaster fans.  When I first heard about the news of the Big Bad Wolf back in July 2009, I was somewhat distraught and I really did not know what to do.  At that point I had not been on the Big Bad Wolf, but it always was a coaster that intrigued me.  About mid-August, I began to plan a road trip from Illinois down to Virgina to snag a ride before it was all over.  Then, my documentary class came along. I decided to use the trip as the story for my film with the hope to preserve some of the memories of the ride for others as well as myself.  I recently finished the film, and I want you to see it.  I hope that through your own experiences as well as this documentary, the Big Bad Wolf will live on in memory forever.
Please feel free to pass this link along to your friends, or anyone who cared about the ride.

Rob Warren

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2009.03.13 to do

Go to mount olympus
Go to Florida
Go to Arizona
Go to California
Do something nice for mamaw
Cedar point this summer?
Route cords in car fir leds

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Sleep. Shower. Eat.

Return 24 DVD to blockbuster

Write screenplay for COM257
Write Psychology paper for PSY170
Write THX1138 film review for COM251
Finish Webquest for ENG103

Go see Abbey as the pink panther in Suessical

Spend some time with Hannah
After Party

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